Celebrities in their youth

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the cover of ebony magazine with an image of two women hugging each other and smiling
Eclectic Vibes — 1970s Ebony Magazine Covers
Facial Symmetry, Facial Reconstruction, Famous Kids, Black Princess, Hollywood Actors
Alicia Keys Childhood Photos - NSF News and Magazine
a young man in a black jacket looking at the camera
Bernie Mac’s teacher at Chicago Vocational remembers a skinny kid.
an image of a young woman smiling for the camera with long hair and earrings on her head
Paula Patton Bio: Ethnicity, Nationality, Parents Race, Mother Joyce, Father Charles
a black and white photo of a young boy in a suit smiling at the camera
Official Estate of Richard Pryor
an old photo of a young boy wearing a tie and smiling at the camera with his name on it
Tom Cruise