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a toy penguin sitting on top of a wooden table filled with candy and candies
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Pingu - Nootstorm (Darude - Sandstorm remix)
a small toy penguin carrying a bag on its back
two penguins wearing crowns standing next to each other in front of a wooden toy house
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a toy penguin with a blue cup in it's mouth sitting on some white fur
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a toy penguin sitting at a table with a bowl of soup in it's lap
a black rubber duck with an orange beak and red nose is shown in front of the caption
Im so SCREWED for finals!!!!!!!
a close up of a penguin with a hat on it's head and an orange beak
Emo Noot
a close up of a toy penguin on the ground
[disappointed noots]
a rubber duck with a pencil in it's mouth
a toy penguin holding a candy cane in it's mouth
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a small stuffed animal penguin sitting on top of a white surface with its mouth open
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