Light strings

The simple design and warm glow from Irisligts fill room and people with well-being. Light up a set table, a magnificent vase or Beautiful wall mirror by…
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an arrangement of different colored balls hanging from a string in front of a white curtain
Ljusslingor till barnrummet med en unik känsla
Morning Mist
some lights that are sitting on a table
Irislights - Brownie
a living room with red balls hanging from the ceiling and a white couch in the background
Simply Red - so beautiful in its simplicity
some white balls are lined up on the table and one is glowing in the dark
Irislights Silver
yellow and white balls are lined up on the table, ready to be used as decorations
Irislights Gold
there are many different colored balls on the table
Irislights Cool Mint
several different types of balls on a white counter top with lights in the middle and bottom
Irislights - Brownie
a long table with flowers and vases on it, along with other decorations in the background
Irislights Dusty Pink in sober autumn colors.
there are many different types of fruit on the table and in front of each other
Sheer pink on a shelf
there are many balls in the bag and on the table next to it is a puzzle
Irislights Rosehip
an open shelf with various colored balls on it and a white bowl in the background
Irislights Endless Summer
there are many balls on the table with some lights around it and a picture frame behind them
IrislightsTivoli - color explosion.
several white eggs are on a silver platter
Irislights Creamy white
a shelf with books, plants and pictures on it in a room that has white walls
Irislights - Sheer Pink