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there is a woman's feet with blue socks and black shoes on the floor
dazedarchives: Dazed & Confused, September 2000Evian ad (An Artist With No Artform)
the lungs are made up of trees and branches, with words that read opposites
Opposites Attract
two pieces of red wood cut in half on top of each other with the same pattern
How do we overcome our obsession with growth?
old newspapers stacked on top of each other
" WITH GRACE ": Image
a man holding up a television with an eye on it's screen in front of his head
Eye see you
an old black television sitting on top of a white table next to a light bulb
Nam June Paik, Zen for TV, 1963
black and white photograph of televisions hanging from wires
three balloons are hanging from the ceiling in front of two men's coats and shoes
the night picture collector
a room filled with lots of different types of cloths on the ceiling and walls
Textile — bunnie reiss