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Take her swimmin boys, take her swimmin. - 9GAG Eye Make Up, Lip Gloss, Make Up Contouring, Beauty Make Up, Makeup Techniques, Eye Makeup, Makeup Contouring, Make Up, Makeup Hacks
Take her swimmin boys, take her swimmin. - WTF
Take her swimmin boys, take her swimmin. - 9GAG
some people are standing in front of a waterfall with two lions sitting on the ledge
stark (know not the name now, but for reference) settlement
a woman kneeling next to a dog on top of a body of water in front of trees
Cover art for CALL OF THE HUNT, the SFBC omnibus of #0.5, 1, 2, & 3 of Patricia Briggs's wonderful Alpha & Omega urban fantasy series. I love the concept, and their human forms are about right, but Anna-as-a-wolf should be mainly black, and Charles-as-a-wolf is foxishly colored (russet w/dark legs). Oh, well.
an image of a woman and a unicorn in front of a sunset with the words, gentleness be kind to yourself and others
a painting of a tree house in the middle of a town with people walking around it
Start - Free League Publishing
Flygande stopet_liten
a waterfall with a bridge over it
FantasiesAndCanopies: Photo
FantasiesAndCanopies : Photo
a painting of a deer standing at the base of a waterfall surrounded by lush green trees
Cernunnos by Glenn Porter
Sociolatte: Cernunnos by Glenn Porter