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a pan full of pasta with meat and vegetables
Oxfilépasta med parmesan, rött vin och tomater
Oxfilépasta med parmesan, rött vin och tomater – A Bite of Bitting
two pieces of raw meat on a cutting board with herbs in the background and a potted plant next to it
Mitt mest uppskattade recept någonsin – Lövbiff med Italiensk touch
a pan filled with pasta next to a potted plant
Krämig kyckling & baconpasta
some meatballs are cooking in a pot on the stove
Nötfärsbiffar med rosépepparsås och grillade rotfrukter
a skillet filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table next to a knife
Kryddig köttfärssås med curry och kanel
a purple dish filled with fruit and cream being poured into it's filling mixture
a pan filled with meat and sauce on top of a white table next to utensils
The fläskfilégryta / Godaste fläskfilégrytan