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candles are lit on the stairs in this white house
Huset har allt vi önskat oss..
Anna Truelsen inredningsstylist: Huset har allt vi önskat oss..
a white staircase with a potted plant next to it
Villa Airisranta
Villa Airisranta
an open door leading to a white staircase with potted plant on the far side
Yläkerran portaikko
maalaisromanttinen, beautiful home, valkoinen sisustus, portaikko, portaat
an empty room with white walls and flooring in the middle, there is a crib on the far wall
Fin förvaring under snedtaket
Förvaring snedtak
an empty room with wooden floors and white railings on either side of the door
there is a set of stairs leading up to the second floor with carpeted steps
the hallway is very narrow and has white railings
Trappa - Hemma hos putte6680
the under stair storage projects are organized and ready to be used in any home or office
Under Stair Storage Ideas • OhMeOhMy Blog
Under Stair Storage Ideas • Lots of Ideas & Tutorials!
there is a small dog gate in the corner of this room, next to a fire place
Glada Snickaren
Renovering av innertrappa - göra eget skyddsräcke. Förutsättningar Trappan leder från vardagsrummet ner till källaren och var en ren furutrappa. Gamla skyddsräcket var trä som var lackat och...
a person walking up some stairs with their hand on the railing
the stairs are white and have no railings
Parked at Loopia
ETT DRÖMHUS PÅ LANDET... - House of Adela
there is a small boat on the window sill in this house with white walls
Coastal New England Harbor House - Patrick Ahearn Architect
Coastal New England Harbor House | Patrick Ahearn
there is a white staircase leading up to the first floor
„Trevlig kväll ✨ Här har vi mörkt, ruggigt och regn ikväll, riktigt höstväder. Nu beger jag mig till stallet ✨ #prästgård“
an empty room with wooden floors and white walls, looking out onto the yard from another room
Blackened timber house built on the site of a razed farmstead
Beautiful Railing Huize Looveld by Studio Puisto and Bas van Bolderen Architectuur