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a height chart with an elephant holding balloons
there are wooden blocks and toys on the floor
Kindermesslatten – EmiliaLotte Atelier
two wooden rulers with animals on them
Personalisierbare Kindermesslatte, handbemalt und handgefertigt
wooden growth chart with animals and hearts on them for kids to learn how to measure
a pink and white growth chart with flowers in the corner next to a teddy bear
Toise rose 🇫🇷
a tall wooden ruler next to a toy bear
Régua de crescimento - Urso polar
three vertical growth chart with an elephant climbing up the mountain and another standing on a ladder
Free Vector | Flat design height meter set
a wooden growth chart with an elephant and giraffe on it next to a potted plant
Messlatte Holzmesslatte Geburtsgeschenk Taufgeschenk -
two tall wooden growth chart with animals and trees painted on the sides, sitting next to each other in front of a stone wall
Messlatte Holzmesslatte Geburtsgeschenk Taufgeschenk -
three wooden signs with animals and numbers on them, one has a balloon in the air