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the quote you become unstoppable when you work on things that people can't take away from you
Character and Transparency
the text reads, please understand this bad characters can create great stories wrong paths can lead to right places failed dreams can still create successful people
Words of Love
Words of Love
a black and white photo with the words,'leadership advice'on it
Listen 👂 up ⬆️ leaders 🤓
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a black and white photo with the words be grateful that you're not where you used to be in life
Motivational quote
a woman is holding a tray with drinks in her hand and drinking from a cup
a black background with the words you can work a - 5, and run an online business
how much would you spend to quite 9to5!!!
an image with the words looking at you out fire making it figuring things out as you go pushing through fear
someone out there is holding their breath hoping you fail make sure they suffocate
the text on the screen says,'this is my product decent copywriter these are the benefits of my product good copywriter
Copywriting example
a quote that reads just think stick to your plans, and then 6 months you might not even recognize yourself
Learning To Love Yourself, Advice
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a quote from yogi bhajnan on the topic if you are wiling to look at another person's behavior toward
an image of a quote from the book when there are more tears than smiles, leave them there are more fights than jokes
the right man for you won't see providing his love to you as a burden for him it's an honor
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the quote you can't be disrespectful to her and expect her to respect you in return i don't work that way
a quote that reads, when she brings it up once you say she's complaning
someone is really into you, you don't have to keep begging them for text
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the quote if i have to arge about my feelings, the conversation is over
a white background with the words nothing more dangerous than a beautiful woman who is focused and unimpressed
a quote that reads she's trying to tell you something, the only reason she's being present is because she cares when she stops nagging as you
372: STOP THE NAGGING - ONE Extraordinary Marriage
the text reads, if you make your girl feel bad for wanting your attention or wanting you to remind her how much you appreciate her
a man is only insure about a woman when he knows she deserves better and that really hit me
a black and white photo with the quote never trust a man that tries to destroy you when he's mad
Never Trust A Man That Tries To Destroy You When He's Mad. That's Weak