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a drawing of a woman holding a cross in her hands with crows flying around her
#DrawThisInYourStyle 6 by KaseyTheGolden on DeviantArt
#DrawThisInYourStyle 6 by KaseyTheGolden
a drawing of a man with blonde hair wearing a sweater and black pants, standing in front of a white background
Pierre Croco: Photo
French freelance concept artist and character designer - I worked for studios like Headless, Nickelodeon, Laika, Reel FX and more... on feature films and tv shows -
an oil painting of a street with trees and mountains in the background
''Light, both in life and in art, has b een an intriguing concept for me. I pour myself onto each painting I create and every time the motivation is finding the light.'' - Josef Kote
a painting of a man with long hair and beard wearing a red tie, looking to the side
Cesar Santos, 1982 | Figurative painter
Artist: Cesar Santos (b. 1982), oil on canvas {contemporary renaissance bearded male head self-portrait man face profile painting #loveart}
an oil painting of a man's face in black and grey tones on a white background
the river will carry you
"Old Study" - Derek Eli Sterile, oil on panel {figurative #expressionist female head woman face portrait painting}
a painting of a man's face is shown in pink and yellow tones with black hair
2012 Oil Painting By Andrew Salgado – In Avoidance of Failure
"In Avoidance of Failure" - Andrew Salgado, oil painting {contemporary artist male head face profile portrait painting}
a painting of a man holding a knife
Christian Hook. Amir Khan. Worthy winner of Sky Arts Portrait Artist oty 2014
a woman with long hair wearing a green scarf and looking off into the distance while standing in front of a frosted window
Personal Work — wangjie li
Artist: Wangjie Li {figurative realism art beautiful female head grunge woman face portrait digital painting #loveart}
a painting of a woman sitting on top of a chair
thefineartnude: Alex Kanevsky
a painting of a man with a beard wearing a green shirt and looking to his left
Study of Troy
"Study of Troy" - Albin Veselka (b. 1979), oil {figurative art male head profile…
an oil painting of a man's face
Powerfully Moving Brush Strokes
Powerfully Moving Brush Strokes
a bear that is standing in the woods with trees on it's back and its eyes open is expired
Animal in the negative space