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the mountains are covered in green and blue hues, with white clouds above them
Color Palette Ideas from Sky Mountainous Landforms Mountain Image | iColorpalette
Rustic Wedding Decorations, Romantic Weddings, Turquoise Room Ideas, Turquoise Room, Art Tutorial, Color Swatches, Colour Schemes
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the color palette is gray, blue and green with some trees in the back ground
Water Waterfall Nature Color Palette |
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the names of different paint colors
My Home Refresh: Our New and Improved Paint Color Palette
Blogger is switching her home's color palette from red and yellow to the colors seen above. Sweet Spring is the new main neutral. Silver Sage and Silver Fox are in the master bedroom and bath. Powder room is Tempe Star. Riverway in the dining room. Mountain Laurel for the laundry room and office. All trim is White Down.