Photo and/or collage. Analog and/or digital.
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an image of hand gestures drawn in black and white
@hellomarjory on instagram
a woman holding a cell phone in her right hand and writing on the other side
a woman with a hat and yellow scarf holding a piece of paper in her hand
a poster with an image of a man wearing flowers on his head and the words, no liberation for all
Página No Encontrada
a drawing of a woman with her mouth open
an altered photograph of a woman's face with flowers in her hair and the image is collaged on paper
• R A I M O N • B E N A C H •
a man wearing a yellow sweater with a piece of paper covering his face and neck
Hermés: Time is a Luxury
a woman's face is shown through torn paper
Photography and Art image inspiration on Designspiration
a black and white photo of a woman with paper taped to her face that says forgeter
a person standing in front of a wall with a quote on it that says life should always be at the edge
Fan Ho's Fantastic Black-and-White Street Photographs of 1950s Hong Kong
a black and white photo of a man's face with many different facial expressions
Miss Modular