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Gorillas in Their Midst - bioGraphic


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Greater bamboo lemur.This creature has powerful jaws that can crack through bamboo, which makes up the majority of its diet.


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Star-Nosed Mole
This odd-looking creature is the star-nosed mole. It is easy to identify the star-nosed mole because the tiny rodent has twenty-two pink appendage-like structures surrounding its nose. These pink tentacles-looking organs are sensory structures called Elmer’s organs, and they are so sensitive that they pick up vibrations, touch, smells, and temperature changes. This unique evolutionary adaptation makes the star-nosed mole’s Elmer’s organ the more sensitive sensory system of any mammal. You can fi


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This shrew is endemic to eastern Mexico. It has suffered from habitat loss due to logging, cattle grazing, and agriculture.
Boni Giant Shrew (elephant shrew)This rare animal lives in the Boni-Dodori Forest in Kenya. The forest these giant sengi call home is being destroyed for development.


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Elegant Animals Commune and Contemplate in Hand-Carved Wooden Sculptures by Nikichi — Colossal


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Why won’t you play with meeeee!
Amur Leopard


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Happiness #wolfLove #wolves
Wolf meets dog


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A Montage of 64 Portraits Reveals the Wildly Diverse Characteristics of Foxes | Colossal
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(26) Quora


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flying fox / bat


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Photographer's Incredible Timing Totally Left Us Hanging
"Mom! You're embarrassing me!" - Imgur


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16 Pictures of Neatly Organized Animals | Cuteness
16 Pictures of Neatly Organized Animals | Cuteness

Bunny Rabbits

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Mail - - Xfinity Connect
The U.S.’s only research chinchilla supplier has been shut down. Here’s why that matters.


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Some gorgeous pics of Emerald Tree Boas.
Frilled lizard in its defense posture, Cape York, Australia


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These photos will make your day :)


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camels - Yahoo Image Search Results
camels - Yahoo Image Search Results


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The 4-month-old brushtail possum is thriving thanks to 'round-the-clock veterinary care.
Corsets and guns. Enough said. This photo can be found on the cover of the book: Frontier Grit: The Unlikely True Stories of Daring Pioneer Women, by Marianne Monson. In its pages you’ll find the stories of twelve women who "heard the call" to settle the west and who came from all points of the globe to begin their journey: the East Coast, Europe, and as far away as New Zealand.  It’s described as being full of unimaginable hardships, these gripping mini-dramas surround strong, good-hearted wome

Racoons and Possums

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Incredible Footage Caught On Trail Cams – Page 2 – Auto Overload
Animals - Animals photo contest | Photocrowd photo competitions & community site
Marsh Deer The large marsh deer is a common sight in the Pantanal, and more often than not is accompanied by birds riding on its back, taking advantage of the extra set of eyes.

Deer, Moose, Elk, Caribou, Reindeer

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An endangered white rhino was born at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park
Explore the world in these 35 breathtaking images from our contributors.


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Donkey grey with dandelion


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One happy rescued sloth back in the jungle
Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. In Sanctuary Rescue Center is one of the Southern Caribbean region’s major wildlife attractions. Sloths


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A bullnicorn from Brazil.


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Three sheep


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17 Dogs Carrying Things That Are Way Too Big | Cuteness
21 Animals Who Have No Idea How Big They Are
Brown and white

Bison or Buffalo

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Live Cams | San Diego Zoo Safari Park
Platypus swimming in water


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✮ Sea Otter Family Portrait
Image result for Giant Otter


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