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an egg in the shape of a rabbit on a wooden table with wood flooring
Easter Bunny by stefdevos on Shapeways
a hand holding up a poster with a colorful skull on it's back side
Häng upp dina tavlor och få en 3D effekt!
Såååå snygg upphängning. www.bedreakustik.dk
a hand is holding a blue object in front of a white wall and a bed
MaxGlide - Glidecam simple, efficient and cheap! by MaximSachs
3D Printed Glidecam | Follow the link to find several Glidecam style gimbals as FREE downloadable files. #3dprinting
a cup and spoon on a wooden table
Cup holder
three different types of toilet paper holders with arms and legs attached to the wall above them
Totally Awesome Toilet Paper Holders - 28 Pics
Dump A Day Totally Awesome Toilet Paper Holders - 28 Pics
a toothbrush holder with two toothbrushes in it
3D printed toothbrush holder at Makerfaire 2014 in Paris
two candles sitting next to each other on top of a black surface with white and orange designs
Tornado (TeaLight Holder) | 3dshare
a close up of a door handle on a wooden surface
Strong Arm Hook
Strong Arm Hook 3D model, frasart
a close up of an electronic device with the words diy embossing on it
How to make an embossing tool.
a rubber stamp that says 2 he has the symbol for 42006 on it
Pick Any Periodic Table of Elements Cookie Cutter Cutter Part | Etsy
Pick Any Periodic Table of Elements Cookie Cutter by BoeTech
three different views of scissors and plastic wrappers on the same side, one being used as an advertizer
Pastry Icing Piping Bag Nozzle Cake Decorating Pen Set
Wish you had just a bit more control over the pastry bag when decorating your favorite cake or piping icing onto cookies? Now you can fill your pastry bag with icing, and load it into this nifty holder, giving you control, precision, and less mess! Great for kids and beginners, it will have you decorating your favorite cake and cookies like a pro in no time!
two pictures show the different stages of cutting vegetables and making salads in their own kitchen
Collapsible Bin Cutting Board - Has bin to collect scraps comes apart store flat!
two pictures of someone using a soap dispenser
Awesome Products: Soap Grater Makes Bar Soap Flakes - Design Intuition
This is so cool! A soap grater for the perfect amount of soap every time without getting the whole bar messy!! #product_design
there are three different shots in the same cup, one is filled with tea and the other has colorful candies
Silicone snail - wineglass label or teabag holder
Snail teabag holder.... i need these so much. Dead useful! Awesome home gadgets | Off Some Design
a triangle shaped key holder with scissors hanging from it's side and the word prism organizer written below
Prism Organizer
Prism Organizer #3Dprint #3Dprinting [more pics on Cults website]