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a doll wearing a pink dress and tiara
a doll with black hair wearing a dress and stockings
Saved from www.sindy.com
an advertisement featuring two women with blonde hair
• barbie •
a woman's dress and shoes are laid out on the wall
Barbie Fashion Avenue Charm #27294 CD2000
the barbie doll is wearing a dress and shoes in its box with accessories on it
Fashion Avenue Barbie Doll Clothing & Accessories Vintageless for sale | eBay
a barbie doll dressed in black and white with high heels, purses and shoes
the barbie doll is dressed in red and plaid
FA 14361-1995
two barbie dolls standing next to each other on a wall with white walls behind them
a barbie doll is dressed in red and green plaid clothes, holding a handbag