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a bedroom with black and white checkered bedspread on the floor, two children's beds
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bunk beds with lights on them in a room that looks like it has been turned into a bedroom
Painted ikea Kura bed. Add wallpaper and christmas lights
a white bunk bed sitting on top of a wooden floor
mommo design: IKEA HACKS FOR KIDS
the process of making paper snowflakes with scissors and glue is shown in several different stages
16 DIY Home Decor Ideas | Modern Magazin
Great for kids room to add a little action and character to an empty wall
a white bench with black and yellow pillows on it's seat cushions are lined up against the wall
DIY Ikea Hack - Expedit benches and toy storage
DIY Ikea Hack - Expedit benches and toy #home decorating
a stack of jars filled with pens and pencils
Creative Ideas for Storing School Supplies at Home
Creative Ideas for Storing Art Supplies at Home
a bedroom with two twin beds and a gray rug in front of the bed is decorated with blue letters that spell out sam & jack
Love how the name is on 2 walls... would love to do it to the boys room
a tree shaped book shelf with books on it
Building a House with Pinterest - Playroom Edition | Baby Gizmo
This is fantastic but would have to be super sturdy because I know a few kids that would see it as a challenge
a bedroom with pink walls and white furniture, including a canopy bed in the corner
mommo design: GIRLS ROOM
the letter b is knitted with white yarn and has a flower on one side
Ed White Photographics - Architectural Photographer Vancouver
the interior of a room with pink walls and furniture
shelf space