Asger Jorn

A favourite artist of mine who influenced me already in my childhood since my parents knew Jorn and supported the family in the early 1950s when they were sick…
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an abstract painting with many colors and shapes
Den Rode Jord by Asger Jorn
Asger Jorn, Den Røde Jord
an empty street with houses and trees in the background
Silkeborg Kunstmuseum - Asger Jorn Museum in Silkeborg, Denmark
an abstract painting of two vases on a table
Asger Jorn | Untitled (1953) | MutualArt
Asger Jorn, Untitled
an abstract painting with red, green and blue colors
Asger Jorn | The Young Couple (1952 - 1953) | MutualArt
Asger Jorn, The Young Couple
two people are walking up the stairs in an art gallery with paintings on the walls
Asger Jorn, ceramic relief at Aarhus Statsgymnasium (1959)
a man sitting in front of a painting
Asger jorn's BSA
asger jorn in studio
an abstract painting with many different colors and shapes, including the image of two faces
Fondation Gandur pour l'Art, Genève
Fondation Gandur pour l'Art - Asger Jorn, un artiste libre
a man sitting in a room with art on the walls and paintings on the wall
Jorn working in his house in Albissola, 1961.
Asger Jorn Nicolas De Stael, Danish People
Asger Jorn