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two hands holding an open card that has a beach scene on it and palm trees in the background
Window illustration message card with envelope
several photographs of people making origami in various stages of construction and assembly, including the design process
Helen Friel & Friends / Revolution Pop Up Animation - News - Debut Art
an open envelope with a blank paper inside and the front side cut out to make it look
Triangle Folder Display Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 236095948 | Shutterstock
a cardboard box with an image of a deer in the mountains and trees on it
Diseño de papel / Paper design
a black and white bag with a name tag attached to it next to a card holder
Burgopak | Burgopak Hanging Bag Slider
two white and pink envelopes with writing on the inside one has a star in it
Burgopak | Burgopak Direct Mail Slider Pack
a pink and white box with a red strip on the side next to an empty package
The Burgopak Direct Mail Slider Pack Step up your direct mailings with this innovative solution that reveals your communications with an impactful opening. Using a standard DL envelope size this pack makes for cost effective postage while still giving you that exciting unboxing experience. With our famous sliding mechanism, this pack's practical design functions even after being crushed making it suitable for a magazine insert or direct mail.
a greeting card with an image of a resort
Creative Direct Mail Marketing Ideas