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a chart with different colored bars and numbers on the white background, eps1089
Beispiel von business-flachen design-Diagramm. Infografiken Tabelle.
an open book with a diagram on the front and back cover that has circles in it
Konzeption & Gestaltung
an image of a diagram that is on top of a sheet of paper with words in it
Science Methodologies in a Playful Book
an image of a circle with dots and lines on the side, all connected to each other
Economist Impact
an info sheet with circles and dots on it
The satellites of education
The satellites of education | Flickr - Photo Sharing. shows lots of dots connected to each other discreetly. uses grey tones which can suggested link to technology.
an info poster with different types of buildings
Sweet infographic on home energy usage.:
a soccer player is kicking the ball in front of a bar chart with numbers on it
Onassis Auto-2015
This is the right way to make a bar graph. We've tried to integrate photos into bar graphs before, but chopping it up like this is really cool. Also good to note is the coloring of the picture--it's a technique I obviously wouldn't use outside of integration with a graphic, but it could be fun to experiment with.