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a close up of a person holding a piece of metal
You Can Fold Up These Nearly Unbreakable Solar Panels And Take Them With You
Instead of one solid sheet, these highly portable panels are made from a pliable network of glitter-sized solar cells. A typical solar panel—more than five feet long and encased in glass—isn't exactly portable. But a new type of solar technology, miniaturized so that each cell is the size of a piece of glitter, could be used anywhere.
a close up of a person holding a pen in their left hand and writing on it
Miniaturizing Solar Technology With Flexible Photovoltaic Cells -
a solar powered car is parked on the side of the road with it's roof open
Les types et les styles de carport, préau et auvent - Guide de construction des CARPORT, ABRI VOITURE et PRÉAU
Carport métallique éclectique avec une couverture en panneau solaire
three different images of trees with the words solar powered super trees in front of them
Solar-powered ‘supertrees’ breathe life into Singapore’s urban oasis | CNN
Solar-powered 'supertrees' at Singapore's Gardens by the Bay - More
two children are sitting on the ground in front of a tree with solar panels attached to it
Solar tree - Wikipedia
The Solar Tree is a combination of artistic and technological effort which exists as a form of solar artwork. Within the past several years, artistically inclined inventors have strived to envision new methods to gain utility from solar cell technology. This relatively new concept was conceived in an attempt to merge new technology, relating to the absorption and use of solar power, and artistic aesthetic.
several solar panels are arranged in the shape of flower petals on grass, with trees and buildings in the background
Renewable Energy For Your Home Can Save You Money – Solar Energy Advice
Solar Trees::Who says solar energy has to Look utilitarian?
an artist's rendering of the outdoor seating area for people to sit at
SOLARIS : Eco Friendly Sun Shading System For Outdoor Public Spaces - Tuvie Design
SOLARIS is a sun shading system which uses solar energy to create new work and leisure spaces. SOLARIS has 6 “wings”, each with 2 photovoltaic panels, which revolve around a central column for easy stowing. Three electrical sockets are available in the base, for charging portable computers, cell phones or any kind of electronic devices. Designer : André Castro, Elizabeth Remelgado, and José Vicente
a large satellite dish sitting in the middle of a lush green field next to a house
The Solar Flower You Need to Experience — Smartflower
With smartflower, you get a beautifully designed, easy-to-setup solar solution fully integrated with smart features for nearly effortless ownership.
the energy matters poster shows how to save your home from solar power and electricity consumption
Freecycle USA – Learn how to Freecycle and Recycle for a Better Tomorrow
solar panels for home use | How Many Solar Panels Needed To Power A Home? - Energy Matters
two pieces of black plastic sitting in the palm of a person's hand,
How to Make Solar Cells: 15 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
How to Make Solar Cells (with Pictures) - wikiHow
two small pieces of metal sitting on top of each other in someone's hand
DIY Crafts | ehow
You can wire individual solar cells together to make your own solar panel.
a solar powered device is being used to power plants and other things on the table
Solar Class
In this hands-on beginner class, you'll learn fun ways to harness solar energy in your own backyard, then level up to soldering solar powered electronics projects.