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a train traveling over a bridge on top of a lush green hillside next to flowers
Train on Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland
Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland. This is where the train scene from Harry Potter was filmed.
a river with houses and trees on the bank
Knaresborough, England
a large clock tower towering over a city filled with tall buildings and snow covered streets
10 Snowy Photos of Winter Wonderland
Edinburgh, Scotland More
an old cobblestone street with trees lining the sides and buildings on either side
Outlander Italy
~ Circus Lane, Edinburgh, Scotland ~
an image of the entrance to a building with ivy growing on it's walls
46 Fitzwilliam Square - Georgian Dublin
46 Fitzwilliam Square, the most photographed door in Georgian Dublin---which is actually Edwardian--installed around 1907.
an old library with many bookshelves and benches lined up against the wall,
Trinity College Library (1 of 2)
Trinity College Library - The University of Dublin, .. le coeur d'un Irlandais n'est autre que son imagination...
an amusement park on the water near a pier
The Brighton Marine Palace and Pier is a pleasure pier in Brighton, England. Go to www.YourTravelVideos.com or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.
two people walking down the street in front of shops
» brighton, england
an aerial view of a city square with people walking around and a bus on the street
Lisbonne est la capitale et la plus grande ville du Portugal. C’est une ville illuminée avec d'architecture est unique. Habituellement, il fait beau et il y a du soleil. Dans la centre de Lisbonne, la rivière Tagus est un miroir de mille couleurs. Vous pouvez visiter le premier jardin botanique portugais, le jardin botanique d'Ajuda.
several people are sitting on the steps in an alleyway eating and drinking wine,
My Lx
Bairro Alto, Lisbon A feeling similar to the 'Spanish Steps' in Rome. A tourist site for sure but nonetheless a spot to sit, rest and watch the world go by.
two trolleys traveling down a street next to tall buildings with blue and white tiles on them
@ Elevador da Bica, Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon Trams, Portugal www.facebook.com/loveswish
a person walking down the street with an umbrella in front of a blue and white building
Getaway: Porto & Lisbon, Portugal - Sacramento Street
Porto, Portugal.
an old tower sitting on top of a large body of water
Belém Tower by Daniel Viñé Garcia / 500px
Belém Tower by Daniel Viñé Garcia - Photo 62726367 - 500px
a field full of dandelions with the words, everything will seem better in the morning
Her gün bir çiçek açar gönlümde ve ben senin ismini koydum o bahçeye
a bunch of trees that are outside in the snow and some lights on top of them
Shopper's Diary: A Christmas Tree Farm in Maine - Gardenista