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a piece of art made to look like a cat with a donut on it
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This doughnut cat perler sprite is about 7.5 inches x 6 inches.
the pixel art is being made with legos and other things to make it look like mario
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a black and yellow beaded object on a white surface with space shuttle in the middle
Super Mario hama beads by sarahmccowan1990 - perler beads designs to c2c graph squares!
a pen holder made out of legos is shown with pens and pencils in it
a close up of a lego star wars death star on a table with the word death written across it
Death Star - Star Wars perler beads by columneddiamond
some pixel art is hanging on the wall next to a blue wall with two people
3-D Mario side view
TOTALLY making this! 3D perler bead art
the instructions for how to make an emo pencil holder from pixellixe
How to make a BMO (Adventure Time) Perler Bead Pencil Holder
One of my first 3D Perler Beads creation is this BMO Pencil Holder made my own pattern after not finding any on the web. This tutorial/pattern created by me! Hope you enjoy!
three plastic cactus plants sitting on top of a pink and white table
Blooming Cacti | Perler
Blooming Cacti Create this dimensional trio of ever-blooming cacti with easy, fun Perler beads. Set them in real flower pots for a colorful accent on a shelf or windowsill.
a close up of a piece of art made out of legos on a wooden fence
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Mounted 3d deer head made of perler beads by DearGawd on Etsy
a close up of a stuffed animal with beads on it
Hei hei
a blue and green wall hanging with a pixel art turtle on it's side
Turtle perler beads by …
two birds sitting on top of a branch with pink flowers in the background and one bird standing next to each other
Birds perler beads by sohee5888