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a necklace with the words prata inte nar jag avrryer on it
SMOLK -Handstansade & graverade smycken med attityd.
an old photo with two women dressed as zombies and one is reading the text'hur du un vander dit star aliltd
Hahahaha. :) Jaaa, den gamle fan är jävligt efterhängsen...
a drawing of a dog with the words jag okkar inte merr
Nina Hemmingsson
Nina Hemmingsson: "JAG ORKAR INTE MER. eller jo det gör jag ju men ni FATTAR PRINCIPEN."
a girl with blonde hair wearing a brown jacket and yellow shirt is surrounded by banners that say girls don't want boys, girls want equal pay and sick beats
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Can’t hear the patriarchy over the sound of a sweet bass drop right
hej-men-nej Funny Photos, Swedish Quotes, Foto Inspiration, I Smile, Funny Cute, Make Me Smile
Websupport | En av Europas största leverantörer av Webbhotell och Domännamn!
an empty road with trees and fog in the background that says, even so, i must admire your skill you are so gracefully insane