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there is a cat sitting on the floor next to stairs and a painting hanging on the wall
Mäklare. Köpa eller sälja bostad? Välkommen till Bjurfors.
an empty room with wooden floors and white walls, has a window on the far wall
Hotel in Coimbra | DEPA
a plant in a white vase sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a stair case
Step-by-Step Guide | Refinishing Outdated Floors
an empty room with white shelves under the stairs and a door leading to another room
Inloopkast onder trap - De Klinkhamer
a potted plant sitting on the ground in front of a stair case next to a banister
there is a plant that is growing on the top of some stairs in this house
Inredning on my mind (Elsa Billgren)
a plant in a pot sitting on the floor next to a stair case and door
Nygammal trappa
an empty room with some stairs in the middle and boxes on the floor next to it
U-trappa med ek i plansteg.
a room with a stair case and wooden floors
U-trappa - Drömtrappor
the stairs are made of wood and have plants on them