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an old sailing ship in the middle of the ocean with clouds above it and blue sky
tall ship under sails
a man with a ship tattoo on his arm
Sailor Sleeve
Sailor Sleeve http://tattooideas247.com/sailor-sleeve-2/
a man with a tattoo on his back
Armenian Tattoos And Meanings
"So many gorgeous skulls in Florian Karg’s portfolio, but this one reminds us the clock is ticking." - found at the Tattoodo blog.
a man with a tattoo on his arm is looking at the camera and has an instagram
8 Celebrities Who Got Their First Tattoos in 2018
This dark imagery comes to you courtesy of Oscar Akermo.#inked #tattoo #skull #skulls #sleeve #arm #idea #blackandgrey #realism
three different drawings of clocks with wings and designs on the front, back and side
Timeless... chest tattoo by dirtfinger on deviantART
a drawing of a woman's face with many different tattoos on it
Son Doung
an owl and skull tattoo design on the back of a man's arm with writing underneath it
Done by Marcos, tattooist at Garuda Tattoo Studio (Salvador), Brazil TattooStage.com - Rate & review your tattoo artist. #tattoo #tattoos #ink
a drawing of a woman with flowers in her hair
Teniele Sadd - Google Search