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a collage of black and white photos with words on it that read, eat's food
Index Projets - Graphistes Paris et Direction artistique
Biennale Musiques en scène 2012 - Identité - Les Graphiquants
a poster with different lines on it and the words stedelik museum c's
Stedelijk Museum CS
Experimental Jetset
an advertisement for a high school musical program, with the words alca on it
an abstract black and white poster with chinese characters on it's sides, in the shape of waves
武蔵野美術大学2013 - Daikoku Design Institute
武蔵野美術大学2013 - Daikoku Design Institute
an abstract red and white painting with chinese writing
武蔵野美術大学2013 - Daikoku Design Institute
武蔵野美術大学2013 - Daikoku Design Institute
a small red car with its doors open and the roof down, sitting in front of a black background
Honda City Cabriolet
a poster with many different colored arrows on it
#Japanese Graphic Design
Japanese Graphic Design
an old japanese book with the number ten on it
Vintage Japanese matchbox label, c1920s-1930s
Japanese Matchbox
a sign that is on the side of a building in shikishima pan
japanese matchbox label
Vintage Japanese Matchbox Art
a stamp with an image of a white bird on it's back and the words written in japanese
japanese vintage design
an abstract painting with multicolored lines on black and red background, in the style of person
No Brash Festivity
Lorser Feitelson, 1964
a poster with the number four in blue, black and white on top of it
poster for lecture - kulachek
a painting of a woman holding a yellow frisbee in her hands and walking into the ocean
Gruau Rimini
Gruau ad- Rimini