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an elephant statue with the words delirium tremens on it
Elephant Parade
an elephant statue is painted in multicolored squares and stripes on it's body
Elephant Parade
two pictures of a giraffe made out of toilet paper and some glitter paint
DIY for kids parties
a blue statue with gold paint on it's face and shoulders, in front of a white background
Urban Apollo by Raphael Jaimes-Branger (2016)
a black busturine with colorful paint splattered on it
Figurines For Home | Ornaments | Sculptures
a busturine with multicolored paint splattered on it's face
The Girl With Stars In Her Eyes (On Black) Art Print by Chad Wys
an origami deer head with antlers on it's back, sitting on a wood floor
Hirschtrophäe – Papercraft
an origami deer head with antlers on it's back against a blue background
Create Faceted Papercraft-objects