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a metal object with buttons and other items on the surface, hanging on a wall
an old sewing machine is sitting on a shelf
Miniature childs toy sewing machines
an old wooden shelf with sewing machines on it
a wooden cabinet filled with lots of different types of thread
Early Original Hemingway & Sons Country Store Spool Cabinet
the wall is filled with lots of spools of thread and other crafting supplies
How wonderful is this!!!!! just about the best thing since chocolate....
someone is stitching something on the sweater with a knitting needle in their left hand
Patching the elbows of a knit sweater
an open suitcase filled with lots of different items
Theriault's Auction Catalog - Rendezvous: Monday Night at the Auctions Online Auctions
a doll is sitting in an old fashioned oven
13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCLXXXI)
1. The Slate Guy Desilu Productions staffer Bill McGovern slating scene after scene of Star Trek with a nonchalance bordering on apathy. Some of the greatest scenes and most iconic characters in sci fi TV history, and McGovern, clapboard in hand, looks like he couldn’t care les
a spool of thread sitting on top of a wooden stand
Thread Winder.
an old fashioned sewing machine with buttons and thread spools on it's stand
Shaker Spool Caddy Second half 19th Century Turned maple with alligatored varnish and velvet pincushion.
a gold bird sitting on top of a book with pins in it's beak