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the doll is in its box and has blonde hair
ROMANCE 'N' ROSES SINDY Doll 1986 Pedigree EMANUEL 78,6+7.55
Sindy Doll (Bicycle).. Disney, Barbie I, Vintage Dolls
Sindy Doll (Bicycle)..
four barbie dollhouse furniture sets in pink boxes with pictures on the front and back
Sindy furniture
a barbie doll sitting in the grass with her hair up and wearing a blue dress
Hasbro 1988 Make Me Up Sindy
there is a girl playing with her doll house
Sindy house
two dolls are sitting in front of a fireplace with an electric guitar on the floor
Sindy Does Val Doonican
Vintage Sindy Fireplace ~ HAVE
a doll house bedroom with furniture and accessories on the floor, including a bed, dresser, mirror and dressing table
Vintage Pedigree Sindy 1970 80s Bedroom Furniture And Accessories Incl Slippers
Vintage Pedigree Sindy 1970/80's Bedroom Furniture And Accessories. my cousin had this and I think I ended up getting the dresser...must go through the barbie/Sindy box!
a pink and white bed side table next to a box
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10 DAY AUCTION - Vintage Boxed Pedigree SINDY Doll Bedside Table Lamp & Breakfast Tray Set
a toy doll in a box with the door open
Sindy Wardrobe
a pink doll house with furniture and accessories
Vintage Sindy Dolls
I had this when i was little and loved it so much. Woking radio, washing machine that spun, a fire that lit up and a swimming pool with working wave machine :)
a small white table with a lamp on top
Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay
Vintage 1960s Sindy Dressing Table with Lamp and Ruched Nylon Shade