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a room with red carpet, couches and microphone in the center is lit by lights
a dimly lit room with round tables and couches in front of a painting on the wall
a room with couches, lamps and paintings on the wall behind them at night
a dimly lit bar with red velvet upholstered booths and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling
Is This the Sexiest Bar in New York City?
a room filled with red couches and chairs next to a microphone on a stand
Chicago | Bordel Cocktail Bar & Cabaret
a dimly lit dining room with red velvet booths and chandelier
Studio Munge | Venteux at Pendry Chicago - Studio Munge
a dimly lit bar with red leather stools and chandelier hanging from the ceiling
Fancy new Manhattan super club, The Nines, takes its inspiration from the opulent lobby bars of grand European hotels...
the inside of a restaurant with posters on the wall and stairs leading up to it
a man sitting at a bar with bottles and glasses
This Hidden Cocktail Lounge in Midtown Delivers Glitzy 1970s Vibes and Crafty Cocktails
a dimly lit bar with wooden tables and stools