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a sign with an image of a man holding a tennis ball in his right hand and the words stoicism above it
a painting of a woman holding a bird in her right hand and flying through the air
The Hawk Lady da:
an old black and white photo of two children standing next to a wooden cross
Once, practically all the world was “Pagan”. Now that half its people have been converted either to Christianity or to Islam, the number of Pagans is less. That is no proof of the lesser value of different Paganisms, compared to the great creedal religions. It is surely an advantage, to be numerous; but it is no virtue. And therefore the number of its followers has nothing to do with the value of a cult. ~ Savitri Devi, ‘A Warning to the Hindus’, 1939
a painting of an eagle with a cross in the middle on a blue sky background
an advertisement for the book, defend your heritage from the beasts of decadence