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chilling 😎🌭🍺
Very pleased with our patio makeover.
an outdoor dining area with table and chairs under an umbrella lit up by string lights
Industrial Style Patio Design
Evening falls upon the valley with magic in the gardens and along the patio. Lights that are reminiscent of carnival days. Beauty abounds from the mountain scapes brought down to familiar mural paint.
Magnetic gate keeper
This gate has a magnetic keeper in the stay open position. Designed and crafted by J.Garloff Design
Entrance Gate with a Doorknob
Difficulty: Medium
a metal structure with many holes in the middle and some wires attached to it's sides
Industrial Patio Gate Design.
A series of 18 gauge aluminum panels that have been embossed on a bead roller. Outer frame was created from 2" exhaust tubing. Holes were done with a dimple die punch. One more panel should do the trick in finishing this project.
an old metal door is open on the side of a house
Industrial Patio Gate Design
With just a couple more panels to create, this patio gate is nearing compleation. I had the outer frame made by a muffler shop with 2" exhaust tubing. The inner portion consists of several 18 gauge panels that have been embossed on a bead roller. Holes were made with a dimple punch and folds were done on the pan brake. Pop rivets were used to mount the panels together and to the outer frame.
A White Christmas
What a nice surprise we hade during the Christmas holiday in Ashland, Oregon. Wife and I loved walking through Lithia Park.
Bead rolling 18 gauge aluminum sheetmetal.
A series of sheetmetal panels to be embossed via the bead roller for our patio gate design. Still needing to compleate two or three more panels for this gate. A pan brake and dimple punch are some of the other tools used for this project. Everything was assembled with pop rivets.
Metal Embossing
Bead rolling a couple of copper panels to be riveted to another embossed aluminum sheetmetal panels. The outer gate frame was made with 2" tubing.
Our Patio Gate Design
A series of 18 gauge aluminum panels that have been embossed on the bead roller for this uniqe industrial look. Still more to do on this patio gate design.
Our patio gate design process. Sheetmetal embossing on the bead roller.
an outdoor table and chairs with umbrellas on the outside patio, next to a fire pit
A Husband & Wife Patio Makeover Project 2021
What we have here is a collaboration of two artists working well together! We needed a special space outside the home to reflect our personalities and I think we have done just that! This is still a work in progress requiring more thought before moving forward. The welded wire separating this area from the back will be a mosaic image, some landscape scenery. this will include small pieces of glass, tile and anything else we fall in love with.
a bronze statue sitting on top of a bench
Cuba Sculptures: The Conversation
The Conversation | Étienne Pirot, 1952 | Abstract/ Symbolist Sculptor