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an old time gas station with a man standing next to it
Stompin' Tom Connors | Iconic Singer - People - 1000 Towns of Canada
cars are driving down the street in front of tall buildings and traffic lights with an arrow pointing to the right
Old Timmins Daily Press building
an old black and white photo of people in front of a school
cars are driving down the street in front of stores
two men standing next to an old truck with crates on the back in front of a house
MacDonald Beverage South Porcupine --- good old Temagami Dry
an old photo of a car that is upside down on the side of the road
a tall brick building with green trim and windows
Visiting the McIntyre Community Building, Schumacher, Timmins, Ontario: Art Deco north of the Arctic Watershed?
a car parked in front of a store on the side of a road next to a building
Awesome food
an old black and white photo of people lined up in front of a row of stores
Woolworth's in Timmins
the sky is purple and pink as the sun sets in the distance over some buildings
Timmins Winter Sunset
two people walking down the street in front of a building with a sign that says eddy office supply co ltd
an aerial view of a hotel and parking lot
an old movie theater with two stories and the words victory on it's marquee
the victory
an old church in the middle of winter with snow on the ground and trees around it
Timmins, Ontario The McIntyre mine head frame in winter <3
a church on the shore of a lake with trees in the foreground and clouds in the background
Timmins, ON Canada