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a room filled with lots of lights and stars on the wall next to each other
Lighting love ♥ 24.08.11
pink and white paper flowers hanging from the ceiling in a room with red lights on it
Floating Plastic Bag Sculptures Resemble Giant Pink Jellyfish
*ROBERTJANSONPlastic Bag Installation -Workshop at Lund School of Architecture with T. Sarantoglou Lalis, Dora Sweijd and David Erkan. Project: to build a geometry with a component, in this case, plastic bags.
an empty theater with lights on the curtain
Cascade and Light
Cascade and Light from The Bayou Church in Lafayette, LA | Church Stage Design Ideas
two photographs of white fabric hanging from the ceiling in an empty room with no people
Breathtaking set design by Lightning & Kinglyface. Penelopiad is part of their mythology series, representing "the shrouds we weave around us, the lies we tell and the trouble or effort that is associated with them all in order to avoid entanglement." And yes, those are hands!
a man sitting in a chair surrounded by lamps
2/52 | Listen... Week 2 This took about six hours to set up.… | Flickr
a long wooden table topped with lots of candles next to white drapes and lights
15 Awesome Ideas To Make Your Wedding Tent Shine!
A combination of fabric and twinkle lights make for a beautiful layered look in a wedding tent!
a field full of flowers lit up at night with the sun shining through the trees
Bruce Munro
Image for Cheekwood Gardens, TN, USA, 2013; the Field of Light exhibit. Excuse me WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE.
three tree stumps that have been cut down in the woods with lights shining on them
Gorgeously Illuminated Cracked Log Lamps
Artist Duncan Meerding illuminates the #forest with his "Cracked Log Lamp." #design #nature
several circular lights are projected on the ground in front of a building at night time
Ishoj Station by AF Lighting
a decorative light that looks like a pear on a table next to a white wall
a large white object in a room with light coming through the glass wall and floor
Post Ratio Landing Page
Immersive 3D Paintings on Layers of Transparent Film: An Interview with Artist David Spriggs
many white umbrellas are hanging in front of a tall building at night with lights on them
Wedding Umbrella Lights | Weddingbells
Umbrellas with double goal: protection against the rain & party lights by night.
an empty room with several mirrors on the floor and one light shining in it's corner
Heather Lewis - Pay-per-view, 2011 (with coin in the meter) (via the absolute ART blog…)
an abstract painting with blue and green colors
Artist Exposé – Painting Bright Colors
Blue Avalanche Poured fluid acrylics manipulated with a palette knife.
several different types of surfboards stacked on top of each other with the words how to use them
Wood arts
HOW TO Series: Lighten up your home with custom Glow In The Dark elements! We will show you 3 ways to let there be light in your home! (Article Exhibiting: Tables, driveways, patios, decks, and wall art) #PINaMAKER Find ANY photo. SEND it to us. Have it CREATED.
people walking down the street in the rain with umbrellas
I appreciate the photographer's appreciation of the underappreciated.
I appreciate the photographer's appreciation of the underappreciated.
an array of photos taken at night with green lights on the ground and trees in the background
Solar-Powered LEDs and Light Collecting Paint Used to Create Glowing 'Starry Night' Bike Path
Studio Roosegaarde is known for its mind-bending designs, from a solar-powered glowing highway to a ring made out of smog, but their latest project takes things to an incredible new level. Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, the project in The Netherlands is a gorgeous illuminated bike path made out of swirling solar-powered LED lights and light-collecting paint. At night, the path is lit by thousands of twinkling stones, creating a beautiful night sky on the ground. The path is ill
an acrylic painting of a bear and the northern lights
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the shadows of birds are on the wooden floor
22 Weird and Creative Lamps -DesignBump
As projecões são intervenções que podem transformar visualmente os espaços, tornando-os únicos.