HIKING in Swedish Lapland

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two people sitting around a campfire on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere
Getberget, just outside Jokkmokk, Swedish Lapland.
the sun is setting behind some trees
Late afternoon view in November
Late afternoon view from a small mountain top in Jokkmokk.
a tent in the woods with its lights on and some food inside it at night
Autumn camping in Jokkmokk
During the autumn the nights get darker and darker. The tentlife is very cosy this time of the year.
the sun is setting over some mountains and lakes
three red barrels sitting on top of a grass covered hill
the mountains are covered in clouds and water as they sit on top of a hill
Tjakkeli, Sarek National Park.
Tjakkeli in Sarek National Park. This is a classic view on the hiking trail Kungsleden between Kvikkjokk and Saltoluokta.
three people walking up a grassy hill with mountains in the back ground and snow on the tops
Trekking in the Swedish mountains
We make trekking through the Swedish mountains. This picture is from the mountains west of Jokkmokk.
a dirt path in the middle of a forest under a cloudy sky with dark clouds
The trail
Some days don't offer blue sky, but in Sweden we say that rain is good for the potatoes. ;-)
a red tent sitting on top of a lush green hillside under a cloudy blue sky
Hotel Hilleberg
Hotel Hilleberg. Hilleberg Nammatj 3GT is one of the most used tents during our tours. It's very strong and lots of space inside.
the sun shines brightly on two small buildings in an open field with mountains in the background
the sun shines brightly over mountains and trees in this scenic view from an overlook point
Skierfe, Sarek National Park
The famous gate to Sarek National Park. Skierfe on the right side, Nammatj in the middle of the valley and Tjakkeli on the left.
the sun is setting over water with mountains in the backgrounnd and clouds in the sky
Saltoluokta in the valley of Stora Luleriver.
This picture is from Saltoluokta in the valley of Stora Luleriver. The light during the bright nights is amazing during the period with midnightsun. Saltoluokta, Swedish Lapland.