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a person holding a harry potter cake with wands and stars on it in their hands
Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas for the Most Magical Bash
a harry potter themed birthday cake with candles and wands on the top, sitting on a table
a harry potter birthday cake with gold wings and hogwart's crest on top
The Best Harry Potter Cake Ideas For Kids Birthdays
a harry potter cake with gold decorations on top and an owl decoration on the side
a harry potter themed cake on a plate with a wooden spoon and an owl figurine next to it
Harry Potter Uniform Cake
a birthday cake that is shaped like a hat and tie on top of a book
Harry Potter Birthday Cake Ideas Images (Pictures)
a harry potter scarf, hat, and other items are on the white tablecloth
Harry Potter Cake Toppers
Harry Potter Cake Toppers on Cake Central
a cake made to look like an old book with a candle on top and some leaves sticking out of it
Harry Potter Book
If you had a birthday that fell on Halloween, and asked for a Harry Potter cake what kind would it be?