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a wind chime hanging on the side of a wall with beads and charms attached to it
Mobile Suncatcher Chimes Home Garden Decor Beads -- I totally want to make one of these
three pictures of blue glass hanging from the side of a building with trees in the background
5 Wonderful Rain Chains
Custom Order from Coast Chimes. Made of blue glass, copper and driftwood by designer Tim Cline - Tim used to be on ebay, might still be. He does lots of amazing glass work!!!
several spoons hanging from hooks in the grass
Sexy Girls
Or so she says...: DIY Silverware Wind Chimes (she: Roberta)
there are many different items hanging from the rack on this mobile phone screen, including forks and spoons
silverware windchimes images | Wind chimes made from old tin pails and silverware.
three dream catchers hanging from the side of a window
Home for the Holidays
alternative crystal dreamcatcher via soulmakes
a pine cone hanging from a wire next to some other items in front of a rock wall
Wind chimes made from natural materials — inspiration for an open-ended craft project
a wind chime made out of seashells hanging from a roof
Wind chimes in pink and coral - lovely...
several different colored glass bottles hanging from chains
Message in a Bottle Windchime/Suncatcher
Message in a Bottle Windchime/Suncatcher
three different colored cups hanging from a tree | The official home for all things Disney
Oh, now here is something I just can't live without! I bet they would sound lovely alongside my bottle cap chimes!
three metal poles are standing next to each other in front of some grass and bushes
DIY windchimes: scientific, musical, crafty, my kind of project. Copper chimes treated to produce the Aged Copper (Patina) Look
a piece of wood with beads hanging from it
WIND CHIME/ wind bell / mobile / garden decor / home decor #13 by DesignLA on…