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there is a large green cactus in the pot
a l i c e m c r a e _
an iphone screen showing different types of plants and leaves on the same page, with text below
Fashion and Lifestyle
A Guide to Trending Greenery. Types of greenery that are trending for weddings and #home décor. Find these and more faux greenery at #fauxreal #weddingflowers
a large sunflower with lots of yellow petals in the foreground and trees in the background
sunflowers are arranged on top of an old newspaper with scissors and twine
white flowers are in a basket on a wooden table with green leaves and branches around it
Nest: The Christmas rose | The Simple Things
Bring a pretty Christmas rose indoors You can miss the Christmas rose* when it flowers. Its papery blooms appear at exactly the time you stop venturing out: midwinter. Which is a shame as its beauty is just what is needed to dispel gloom. But there is an answer: bring it indoors. A small clump sits happily in a pot and looks especially good when wrapped with twigs and string, as here. Use rich compost such as John Innes No3 and incorporate 25% grit and you’ll get a succession of flower...
a painting hanging on the wall with flowers and greenery in it's frame
Maybe instead of that large white frame of flowers, something this size or a little larger could be an alternative? - in white- and filled with colorful flowers as part of the guest table backdrop? This would then be an alternative to the green/flower wall backdrop if that can't work
various types of succulents in white pots on a white background with green lettering
Cactos e suculentas by Flávia Fernandes
the different types of succulents are shown in this image, with their names
Descubre el nombre y cuidados de todas las Echeverias
Son unas de las suculentas más populares y apreciadas. ¿Te vas a perder este contenido de la mano de SAPERES?
an image of different types of plants in pots
Tienda Online de microscopio - Suculentas
three tiered plant stand with potted plants on top
What's my absolute favorite part of finishing a Fixer Upper? That’s easy—adding plants. Here's the scoop on the low maintenance plants I chose for Season 4!
an illustrated guide to succulent plant guides
Styling Tip: Adding Greenery with Succulents
Today I'm sharing a Succulent Plant Guide to help you add beautiful texture and a fresh pop of green to your styled spaces.
flowers arranged in the shape of a heart
The #1 Styled Stock Membership For Female Entrepreneurs
Love is beautiful. Valentines heart floral styling by Shay Cochrane.
an arrangement of succulents and flowers arranged in the shape of a bird
pinterest: bellaxlovee ✧☾
an arrangement of flowers and succulents arranged in a pineapple shape