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some lights that are on the side of a building near grass and plants in a planter
STÅLMILJÖ - Svensktillverkade trädgårdsprodukter
Belysning till vänster mot grannen
an outdoor garden storage unit with gardening utensils and plants on it's shelves
Steal This Look: My Mini Garden Shed in a Garage - Gardenista
a brick building with a stone pathway between it and a light pole on the side
cobblestones bordering gravel gravel drive - nice threshold idea along the front of the garages/store/kennels.
a white house with steps leading up to the front door and trees in the background
Sekelskifte grus storgatsten
a bench sitting in front of a house next to a tree and bushes on the side of the road
Trädgården - Hemma hos Thewagirl
an outdoor storage shed with shovels, rakes and a potted plant in it
an open window with potted plants in it
Det blev ett litet #växthus till slut. Sen började det regna såklart. Nu redigera bilder och knappra text.