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the instructions for making miniature crafts are shown
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With just a few days left in the summer, Minute Maid wants to help you keep the kids entertained. Here’s how to build a mini balloon car that will keep them busy for about...7 minutes. 1. Have a parent or adult poke holes in 4 bottle caps and push 2 caps onto the ends of each toothpick 2. Place and tape toothpicks + wheels to juicebox 3. Attach balloon at short end of straw, wrap rubber band around to tighten, tape straw to top of box 4. Blow into straw to power car and you’re good to go!
an underwater themed room with blue drapes and fish on the walls, under water
there is a pile of legos on the table with words in front of them
Lego Challenge–Disaster Island
the screen time rules poster is posted on a white paper with black writing and green background
60+ Awesome Parenting Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Moms and Dads
Easy Marbled Fall Leaves Painting
handmade paper craft projects - fun craft for 3 year olds
this giant halloween word search is great for kids to practice their spelling skills and help them learn
Giant Halloween Word Search - Busy Toddler
Lego Button Tutorial
a wall mounted to the side of a room with plates on it and a calendar
30+ DIY Board Game Ideas for Adults (Fun for Parties!)