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a blue ceramic figurine sitting on top of a white counter with speckles
a bowl with yarn in it and two knitting needles sticking out of the top one
Studio Noot & Swart {Noot & Zo}
a person's hand holding several small origami pieces in front of a christmas tree
there are four brushes in the holder on the table and one is holding two paintbrushes
Handmade mushroom-shaped pen and brush holder
Mushroom pen and brush holder will enhance the aesthetics of any room within your home! 🍄🌱 It is made out of clay, painted and glazed. Check it out on etsy shop: KBmushROOM!💖 #mushroom #clay #gift #handmade
five different shaped dishes sitting on top of a wooden table with gold and silver designs
ceramic art by Danielle Pedersen