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crochet patterns for different types of frames, including one with flowers and the other with leaves
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crochet pattern beach tote bag
Twin Lakes Beach Tote – Knits 'N Knots
This is a crochet pattern for a large beach bag with two wide, reinforced straps that are slip stitched to two bag layers to create pockets all the way around!
an old fashioned crochet table runner is shown
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an old book with pictures of different designs on the pages and instructions to crochet
an open book with crochet on it and pictures of baskets in the pages
crocheted doily is shown with instructions to make it look like an intricate lace
the diagram shows how many different patterns are used to make an intricate design on paper
several crocheted laces are shown on the screen
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crochet lace patterns and instructions to make them look like they are in different colors