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colorful handprints are displayed in a black frame
a ball that is made up of small squares and has been drawn in black ink
Disco Ball Stencil
kids are making colorful mixing with paint and plastic wrap on a tray that is yellow
Color mixing with paint and plastic wrap
This low-mess color mixing activity uses tempera paints and plastic cling wrap to give kids an opportunity to play with colors! Kids will delight in watching how colors mix to form new colors. Enjoy this fun color science activity where you can play with primary and secondary colors! #colors #colorscience #STEAM #STEM #giftofcuriosity #artsandcrafts || Gift of Curiosity
a person holding up a flower made out of coffee filter paper with the words coffee filter on it
Coffee Filter Flowers Tutorial
Make these beautiful coffee filter flowers with your kindergarten students! These are perfect for Mother's Day, May Crowning and other spring activities in your school!
Glue Suncatchers
a boy sitting in front of a book with the title color pattern projects on it
Mixing Colors Science Project: Pattern Projectors
Color mixing science project- color pattern projectors
the colorful chamelon craft is made with construction paper and glue, then cut it out
Chameleon Craft | Recycled Crafts | STEM Activity | Preschool Crafts
Make some colorful chameleons with the recycled bubble wrap stamping technique.
a child's hands painting on a white tray with colored powder and plastic utensils
Rainbow Color Mixing Fizzy Kids Science Experiment