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a stack of newspapers sitting on top of each other
Parisian Newsstand
a woman holding a chimpan on her back in tall grass with trees in the background
Jane Goodall | Biography, Awards, Institute, Books, & Facts
a group of people walking down a dirt road with an umbrella over their heads and one woman in the foreground
Gigi Hadid in Bangladesh for UNICEF
a woman sitting next to a little boy on the floor in front of a wall
a man standing in front of a large screen with writing on it that says be who you needed when you were younger
two men and a woman sitting at a table
Emma Watson
Gal Gadot, Pop, Ambassador, Society, Lynda Carter, Executive Woman, Wonder Woman, Un Ambassador
Lynda Carter on How Portraying the Original Wonder Woman Helped Shape a Generation
several people sitting at a table with laptops and microphones in front of them
Prepare to Be Inspired by Emma Watson's Moving Speech on Gender Equality
a woman standing in front of a group of children
a woman sitting on the ground surrounded by other people
Angelina Jolie's humanitarian work
a woman standing at a podium in front of a microphone with an un flag behind her