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a black and white photo of a man wearing a leather jacket looking off to the side
Is Eddie Redmayne Hot?
So basically Buzzfeed made a list of 26 reasons why Eddie Redmayne is hot. Click the pic if you prefer your life ovary-less. -E
black and white photograph of a young man with dark hair looking at the camera while wearing a jacket
Mediocrity lies at the bottom of the Mainstream
a close up of a person with his hand on his chin looking at the camera
Eddie Redmayne
Eddie Redmayne - OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my lord. Gentleman, Tom Hardy, Norman Reedus, Gentleman Style, Johnny Depp, Daniel Craig, Paul Newman, Daniel Henney
Eddie Redmayne - OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my lord.
a young man sitting on top of a balcony next to a railing with buildings in the background
Honestly, Sixsmith, as ridiculous as that thing makes you look, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful. Watched you for as long as I dared. I don’t believe it was a fluke that I saw you first..
a man wearing a vest and tie standing in front of a cage
Ben Whishaw
Still of Ben Whishaw in "The Hour"-one very talented actor.
a man in a suit and tie sitting on the floor with his hand under his chin
Ben Whishaw In British GQ
Ben Whishaw In British GQ
three people are sitting at a table with computers and headphones in front of them
hello vogue
Ben Wishaw as Freddie Lyon in BBC The Hour. The thinking woman's bit of crumpet.
a person holding a puppy in their arms
Blue Heeler Pup
a group of puppies are laying in a row on the grass and one is sleeping
#Golden puppies
a brown dog standing on top of a sandy beach
23 Times Golden Retriever Puppies Were Huge Dweebs
And finally, when this dweeb just did not know how to handle the wind at all. | 23 Times Golden Retriever Puppies Were Huge Dweebs