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a bulletin board with letters written on it and the words how many letters are in your name?
20 FREE Name Activities for the First Week of Kindergarten (Kindergarten Chaos)
Day 7 of 31 Days of Kindergarten and today is all about 20 FREE Name Activities…
a young boy sitting on top of a desk holding a toy
17 Fun Activities for Your Family's Next Camping Trip
Teach early readers their alphabet
there is a book about rocks on the table with other rocks and pebbles in front of it
MorningStar Garden on Twitter
Twitter: if rocks could sing via @Stacey McKenzie linhares & @wonderstaples.
the letters are cut out and placed next to each other on the carpeted floor
Nurturing Naters with learning activities at home
handwriting without tears diy; magnetic alphabet builders. My kids are older than this stage, but, I wish I thought of this then.
an ice cream letter sound matching game for kids
Ice Cream Letter Sounds Printable → Royal Baloo
Free Ice Cream Letter Sound Match Printable. Practice letters and letters sounds!
the name folders are being used to teach children how to write
Name Folders (Play to Learn Preschool)
One of our first important literacy goals in preschool is to be able to recognize and spell our first names. Younger preschoolers (3-year-olds) practice spelling their names every day at school. We us
an illustrated poster with people doing different yoga poses and words that read let's make an alphabet
kids music notes
music; kids letter yoga - Google Search
a black and white photo of an alphabet with chalk paint on the upper half of it
Free Printable Chalkboard Banner Letters, A-Z
These free printable chalkboard banner letters, A-Z, are super versatile. Perfect for parties, seasonal and regular decor, classrooms, and so much more.
a group of people doing different poses in front of a white background with the words mr world's 2nd grade class on it
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about to attempt this for sam's class
the printable alphabet matching puzzles for kids to practice their letters and numbers with pictures
Uppercase Lowercase Letter Matching Puzzle for Preschoolers {Free Printable}
This free printable Uppercase Lowercase Letter Matching Puzzle is a fun way to work on letter recognition with your preschooler. Kids can match pictures with the beginning sounds of each letter while pairing up uppercase and lowercase letters. It's so simple to prepare and lots of fun for the kids!
a collage of photos with different types of letters and numbers on them, including leaves
An alphabet
This project could be done across the year with the children helping to create...could be done for numbers and/or shapes also...or children's names...
there are many different types of wooden letters on the wall, and each letter is made up of small pieces of wood
I'm still here! Reggio Influence/Classroom Set-Up
reggio classroom pictures | ... Childhood Education: I'm still here! Reggio Influence/Classroom Set-Up
a young boy is sitting in a laundry basket and playing with magnets on the floor
Pretend Play Fishing Alphabet Activity
Fishing alphabet activity and dramatic play scene. A fun fish activity for kids!
a bulletin board with letters written on it and the words how many letters are in your name?
Mrs. Bohaty's Kindergarten Kingdom
From Foundation for Comprehensive Early Literacy Learning.This is really good for children seeing spaces between letters and learning to look at the shapes of words.
a child playing with rocks that spell out letters
Using natural materials for literacy and language - Inspired EC ≈≈