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a poster with the names of different languages
Synonymer sa hon
Begrepp är en del av The Big Five. Inom svenskämnet innebär det bland annat alla grammatiska uttryck, men det handlar också om att prata om ...
the words are written in black and white with an image of a light bulb above it
Att våga lära
the character map for characters in shakespeare's play, which includes two different types of characters
Character Map
Totally Terrific in Texas: Character Map
the character worksheet with text evidence to get to know your character in this graphic
Character Study Organizers $ Have a blank person outline and draw what they look like
a hand with five fingers on it is shown in the middle of a graphic diagram
the worksheet for addition and subtraction with numbers to 10 on it
Montessoriinspirerad matematik
the worksheet for addition and subtractions to help students learn how to use
Dela upp talet 10 – Montessoriinspirerad matematik
Tiokamrater öppna utsagor
four different colored squares with the words vart klassrum in black and white
Growth mindset - posters
I USA har man ofta uppmuntrande posters på väggarna i skolan. Jag har nu gjort ett antal själv som jag tänker sätta upp i klassrummet. Om du...
a fairy sitting on top of a tree stump with her wings spread out, surrounded by leaves and flowers
Artist Amy Brown Fairy Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Elf Fairy Fae Wings Fantasy Elves Faries Sprite Nymph Pixie Faeries Enchantment Forest Whimsical Whimsy Mischievous Fantasy Dragon Dragons Sword Sorcery Magic Fairies Mermaids Mermaid Siren Ocean Sea Enchantment Sirens Whimsy Whimsical Funny Humor Cute Coloring pages colouring adult detailed advanced printable Kleuren voor volwassenen coloriage pour adulte anti-stress kleurplaat voor volwassenen Line Art Black and White
a printable worksheet with the words tank pav - striga
a green background with white text that reads tga4k - pca5 - tal
the checklist is shown in black and white
Checklistor att hämta!
Veckans arbete har handlat mycket om checklistor och kamratrespons. Numera har vi alltid genomgångar och gemensamt arbete innan eleverna job...