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Articles | Gretchen Rubin
My book The Four Tendencies is coming out in September, and I’m very excited to have my full theory of this personality framework out into the world. Of course, I’ve been writing and talking about it (perhaps obsessively?) ever since Better Than Before came out. I love to see how other people apply the Four Tendencies in different contexts, so I was thrilled to read this post “Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies…and Fitness!” by Rachel Trotta on her blog, where she writes about managing nutriti...
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Gold dumbbells, steel water bottle, ballet socks
Chic, beautiful gym aesthetic with this home gym fitness equipment from the new Blogilates collection at Target!
two images side by side, one with a skateboard and the other with a roll of toilet paper
Block party: Outdoor Voices turns a Handmade 2015 concept into reality
Outdoor Voices has turned its collaboration with Visibility on a set of cork yoga blocks from Wallpaper* Handmade 2015 into a reality.
Shine block shapewear top - New In - Gym - Training - By sport - OYSHO SPORT | Oysho United Kingdom Leggings, Trousers, Yoga Pants Outfit, Shapewear, Gym Clothes Women, Gym Wear, Sport Top, Pants, Clothes For Women
OYSHO United Kingdom | Sport & Swimwear | Official Site
Shine block shapewear top - New In - Gym - Training - By sport - OYSHO SPORT | Oysho United Kingdom
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Here’s How To Tone Your Abs & Booty In A Flash– Using A Pilates Ball - Molly Sims
several different colored blocks stacked on top of each other
Yoga Blocks | Cork & Recycled Foam
From balancing postures, to stretching, to supported back bends, a block can allow you to reach further, go a little deeper into your postures, and support you throughout your practice.
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