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a painting of a man hanging from a tree branch
my family
a black and white drawing of a man brushing his teeth next to a woman in a dress
Tomi Ungerer - The Party (c.1966)
a black and white drawing of a woman with flowers on her head, in front of a dark background
Felix Inclusis | goodmemory: Manon Gauthier
a drawing of a person with three circles around it's neck and legs, in front of a blue background
« la jongleuse » Art Print by Linda Vachon
a drawing of a dog with big eyes and a blue dress on it's body
a drawing of a man's face in grey and yellow tones with black background
Portrait of a Yellow Man – Product
an abstract painting with black, red and white lines in the shape of a person's eye
Gnash Kane (@GnashKane) / Twitter
a drawing of a face with eyes and nose
Joan Miró Gallery | 188 Surrealism Great Quality Paintings - Spanish Artist.
an abstract painting with two people and a cat in the center, one person is standing near
Bauhaus Movement on X