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three snow globes are stacked on top of each other and decorated with christmas lights
three tiered glass bowl filled with liquor bottles Christmas Decorations Party
some strawberries are shaped like santa hats
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chocolate covered strawberries are arranged on a white plate next to some strawberries with hearts
How to Make Strawberry Hearts | California Strawberries
there are many colorful candy lollipops on the skewers with different toppings
an owl made out of fruit sitting on top of a cardboard box filled with grapes and strawberries
Staci Woodruff on X
there are many donuts with eyes and mouths on them in different stages of making faces
Funny donuts
the food is shaped like bugs and vegetables
Fruit & Vegetable Bug Snacks for Envirokidz
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a plate that has some vegetables on it and an owl face made out of carrots
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